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We Are A Full Service Termite Inspection Company


Spartan Termite is a family owned Termite Inspection Company serving San Diego County, Riverside and Orange County. We conduct termite inspections, treatments and repairs, and pride ourselves in personalized customer service and fast response time. Whether you are a real estate agent, lender, homeowner, or looking to purchase a home, give us a call and let us take care of all your termite needs!   

As your top and most convenient choice for Termite control, we will conduct your inspection promptly and provide a detailed report with in 24 hours. In most cases, we can complete work within two weeks!  While some restrictions apply to the turnaround time in unique situations, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations with every visit.  


Termites can go undetected until the damage is irriversable. Spartan Termites’ expertly trained staff can detect termites before it’s too late.



Once termites are detected in your home of office, it is imperative that they are eradicated promptly by a trained, experienced professional.


Termite Damage Repair

Damage caused by termites can ruin wooden structures in your home or office. Spartan Termites will rebuild your decks and patio covers and repair damaged structures.


Real Estate Transactions

We specialize in servicing the San Diego, Orange County,  and Riverside real estate markets. From broker partners to agent referrals we have built a name that is trusted and reliable.


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As licensed termite control professionals, we know the value of speed and efficency

Nationwide, termites cause more damage to structures than fire, storm damage and flooding. Catching the damage early on, to prevent costly rebuilds and repairs, can be difficult unless you use a trained professional who knows what to look for. 

Sam Khorramian


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Bringing you peace of mind is our mission.

Our customers are our #1 priority and their positive experience is what matters most. Here is what a handful of our satisfied customers have to say about Spartan Termite and our team.


Responsive, quality service! Spartan Termite goes out of their way to ensure the clients needs are met. Fast turn with fair competitive rates!

Julianne P.


Trish H

Wow! What a total delight to work with Cody and everyone at Spartan Termite. They went above and beyond expectations! The entire team was professional, on time, honest and forthright. I appreciate their integrity, attention to cleanliness and detail, not to mention the due diligence to my balcony that was far worse than anyone expected. Thank you so much Spartan Termite!! You made a very challenging situation very pleasurable. 

Trish H.


Regina Florez

Real Estate Agent

“We noticed that there were potential termites on our backyard patio. My husband called Spartan Termites and they were excellent from the get go. They showed up when they said they would, answered all of our questions, and even rebuilt out deck and overhang. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.”

Susie M.


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