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Termite Inspections

Upon request, a licensed inspector will come to your home or business and conducts a thorough inspection of all living areas, crawl spaces, decks, and patios covers. The inspector will observe the all visible areas for any sign of termite infestation and damage. If necessary, an inspector may use sounding or probing in areas where infestations are suspected.

Termite Inspection Report

Within 24 hours, we will provide you with an inspection report detailing the findings of the inspection. The report will include inspectors recommendations and a quote. In most cases, these are the required treatments or repairs to obtain a Section 1 Clearance, which is required for real estate transactions. Once you have reviewed and approved the recommendation and quote, a date will be set to perform services. 

Fumigation and Localized Termite Eradication

In California, the most common termites are subterranean termites, Formosa termites, and Drywood termites. We use the most effective fumigation and localized treatments to ensure all species of termites are eliminated. We are dedicate to providing you with expertly trained professional who have years of experience in termite control, as well as advanced treatment options ensuring you will know your home or business is free from termites and other wood destroying insects. 

Termite Damage Repair and Rebuilds

Because termites can be hard to detect, there is often time irreversable damage to your home or business. Spartan Termintes knows that time is of the essence when repairing your home, expecially when you are involved in a real estate transaction. We offer repairs to patio covers, decks, faschia and eaves. 

Real Estate Transactions

Why Do I Need an Inspection? 

Every year in San Diego County, Riverside and Orange County, there are thousands of homes and businesses that become subject to terminte damage. When purchasing a new home, it’s is necessary to have a licensed termite control inspector who is trained to detect even the smallest signs of termite damage and who can provide a detailed report of his findings. 

Who Orders the Inspections? Seller or Buyer

In California, the termite inspection company is typically be selected by the seller or his agent. As a purchaser, the seller or his real estate agent should inform you as to which termiate control company they have selected and will be doing the inspection.  

What Does The Inspection Entail?

A qualified representative from the licensed local termite inspection company will perform the inspection. They inspects all visible areas of the structure which are readily accessible. If the inspector finds evidence of an infestation they will report the evidences on a specified form. An inspection may include sounding or probing areas where infestations are suspected.

What If Evidence Of An Infestation Is Found?

The Spartan Termites inspector will provide a formal report and recommend the appropriate treatment to control the rid your home of termites. For a real estate transaction, this report is required for a Section 1 Clearance.  We offer a 90 day warranty on local treatments and any repair work, and three-year warranty on the Fumigation. Should an infestation be found with in that warenty period, the company will retreat at no charge to you.


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